Gamer Arena Utility (GAU) Token Description
Gamer Arena integrates gamers and blockchain technology with GAU Token, creating a new model for the GameFi industry.
GAU is an ERC-20 based utility token running on the Avalanche C-Chain network. Solidity version 0.8.13 was used in GAU Token, which was created and audited with OpenZeppelin libraries. Gnosis Safe is preferred for the multi-sign structure used for secure management
GAU Coinmarketcap:
GAU Coingecko:
GAU Token is powering whole Gamer Arena experience, used primarily as currency in the platform to compete and get rewarded on duels&tournaments. Gamers need GAU Tokens to join competitions and prove their skills.
GAU Token Utilities
GAU Token is a fast, gamer friendly, low cost and most importantly, safe cryptocurrency for competitive gamers.
GAU Tokens, which will have a supply of only 500 million, are produced in such a way that they can be easily evaluated not only by players, but also investors.