GA Collabs & Campaigns

Gamer Arena Collaborations Deck
Current success largely due to well respected partners, digital marketing campaigns and large scale tournaments
We have organized 500+ tournaments on 18 different games and 100.000+ users have participated. Some of these tournaments are sponsored by partner brands and professional Esports teams (Team selection tournaments).
Partner Game Development Studios
We are developing our own Challenge&Earn mobile games in-house and also with our partner game development studios Waker Games and L8 Studios.
Influencer Campaigns We have launched 100+ marketing campaigns with 40 different influencers such as Orkun Işıtmak, Enes Batur, Egoist Pati, Unlost, Coin Mühendisi etc.
Vodafone From August 2020 to July 2021 we have distributed promotion codes on our marketing campaign with Vodafone, every Vodafone Freezone user could use the campaign.