🏆Duels & Tournaments

Gamer Arena offers players two features to compete against.


Duels are 1v1 skill-based game competitions which can be played whenever/wherever user wants.

  • Users can create duel or challenge other users by selecting game, game modes and entry fee

  • Entrance fee to the duel is paid by both players in GAU Tokens

  • Prize pools of Duels are sponsored from duel entrance fees paid by players

  • Gamer Arena charges players a platform fee 10% for hosting each duel, winner gets %90 percent of prize pool


There are two types of tournaments, Leaderboards and Invitationals.

Leaderboard tournaments are in-platform tournaments based on duels, all of the users participated are listed in terms of their win and lose count. Top 10–50 users who won the most duels are rewarded at the end of the tournament.

Invitational tournaments are much more like to traditional esport tournaments, mostly this tournaments are open for all of the community but sometimes we are inviting professional esport teams. 100 to 500 individuals or teams are signing up to the tournament and competing for prizes, generally top 3 team is rewarded. All of the matches are playing on supervision of referees and also the finals of invitational tournaments are streaming on our Twitch or Youtube channel.

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